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Liverpool move closer to landing Southampton's Mane - The Reds are waiting to be granted permission to enter discussions with the 24-year-old forward after submitting a bid of £25 million plus £5m in add-ons Xem tiếp...

OFFICIAL: Tottenham complete Wanyama signing - The Kenya international will play Champions League football next season after leaving Southampton to sign a five-year deal at White Hart LaneXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 24.06.2016 18:12 1989

Wenger hints at Kante interest after missing out on Vardy - The England striker has signed a new contract at the King Power Stadium but the Arsenal boss expects a race to sign the France midfielderXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 24.06.2016 18:06 116

ZLAT'S ALL, FOLKS! IBRAHIMOVIC'S SWEDEN CAREER ENDS IN DEFEAT, NOT DISAPPOINTMENT - Losing 1-0 to Belgium meant elimination for the striker's side, but the son of immigrant parents bows out a national heroXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 23.06.2016 18:04 139

ITALY NOW AWAITING HOLDERS SPAIN IN 2012 REPEAT - The inability to make the most of an early lead against Croatia has left the double champions facing a nightmare route in this year's tournamentXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 22.06.2016 17:55 198

LEWANDOWSKI HAS BEEN A DISASTER AT EURO 2016 - Robert Lewandowski came into the tournament off the back of a record-breaking season but has struggled horribly in France so farXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 22.06.2016 17:28 186

Ibrahimovic 'wants revenge' on Guardiola - The forward's representatives believes he wants to take revenge on the incoming City boss - a chance the striker may get if he joins the Old Trafford sideXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 21.06.2016 22:16 180

AN ARTIST IN AN AGE OF ATHLETES - INIESTA IS SPAIN'S GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME - The Barcelona midfielder has been at his breathtaking best in this tournament and it is now fair to say he is the finest footballer La Roja has ever hadXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 21.06.2016 22:06 188

RONALDO, FRANCE AND GERMANY - ENGLAND FACE NIGHTMARE PATH TO FINAL AFTER BLOWING GROUP B - Failure to beat both Russia and Slovakia has cost the Three Lions dearly as they lose the projected advantages they could have enjoyed had they won the groupXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 21.06.2016 21:59 172

RECORD FAKER: RONALDO DOESN'T MAKE THE GRADE AS PORTUGAL DRAW A BLANK - The Real Madrid man overtook Luis Figo's Portugal caps mark and could have become the first player to score at four Euros, instead he's contemplating one of his worst international nightsXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 19.06.2016 21:57 163

Messi sends warning to U.S. fans: Be careful what you wish for - The Argentina No. 10 has been given phenomenal backing by American fans throughout the tournament, but he now has Jurgen Klinsmann's men in his sightsXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 19.06.2016 21:52 152

RONALDO TAKES FULL-TIME SELFIE WITH PITCH INVADER - The Real Madrid superstar put aside his disappointment with a sub-par display to grin next to an audacious supporter after Portugal were held 0-0 by AustriaXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 19.06.2016 21:46 167

EUROPE, BEWARE! MORATA & NOLITO MAKE GOALSCORING SPAIN LOOK FORMIDABLE AGAIN - The two forwards propelled la Roja to a 3-0 win over Turkey, and the way their attackers clicked is ominous for everyone else at Euro 2016Xem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 18.06.2016 18:30 284

CROATIA 'SPORTS TERRORISTS' SABOTAGE EURO 2016 CHANCES & RISK INNOCENT LIVES - Football became secondary after Croatia fans threw flares onto the pitch in the Group D game against Czech Republic. They should be ashamed of themselves.Xem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 18.06.2016 18:24 293

ALL RED BULL, NO WEIGHTS - VARDY REVEALS BIZARRE TRAINING REGIME - The England striker has lifted the lid on his atypical preparations, while insisting that he doesn't mind playing second fiddle for the national teamXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 18.06.2016 18:19 222

POGBA DENIES USING OBSCENE GESTURE TOWARDS JOURNALISTS DURING FRANCE VICTORY - The midfielder has been accused of using the 'bras d’honneur' or 'umbrella gesture' in response to those criticising him in the media during his side's 2-0 win over AlbaniaXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 17.06.2016 18:41 364

OWEN & BECKHAM IN 98, VARDY & STURRIDGE IN 2016 - ENGLAND BOSS MUST LISTEN TO THE NATION - The duo were thrown into the fray against Wales and responded with the goals which saw England come from behind at half-time to win for the first time in a major tournamentXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 17.06.2016 18:38 340

STALE GERMANY MUST IMPROVE - AND FAST - IF THEY ARE TO WIN EURO 2016 - Joachim Low's men should already be qualified as group winners, instead they remain unsure of their path due to key players being short of fitness and formXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 17.06.2016 18:31 350

NO GRIEZMANN, NO POGBA, NO PARTY! SNUBBED SUBS SAVE THE DAY FOR FRANCE - Both star players were ditched from Didier Deschamps' starting XI, but he brought them off the bench for a late, dramatic victory over AlbaniaXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 16.06.2016 18:42 380

WHO SAID GOD WAS ALL-POWERFUL? HEROIC HUNGARY MAKE HISTORY AS ALABA'S AUSTRIA FLOP - The Bayern Munich midfielder proved far from infallible as his team of mere mortals were humbled by their old rivals in a huge upset in BordeauxXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 15.06.2016 18:10 420

BITTER CRISTIANO RONALDO BLASTS 'SMALL MENTALITY' ICELAND - The Real Madrid star was riled by the Euros debutants' joyous celebrations, and sniped that they did not try to win the gameXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 15.06.2016 18:06 415

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