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Liverpool join race for Mane after cooling Gotze interest
Soi Kèo - The World Cup winner has not offered the Reds any assurances and they have switched their attentions to the Southampton star, who is also coveted by their Premier League rivals Xem tiếp...

Ferdinand welcomes Mourinho to Manchester United

Soi Kèo - The former Chelsea and Real Madrid manager is poised to take the reigns at Old Trafford and the ex-England defender has hailed the imminent appointment of the PortugueseXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 27.05.2016 06:45 174

Juventus eye Barcelona's Dani Alves on free transfer

Soi Kèo - Goal understands a clause in the Brazilian right-back's contract at Camp Nou could allow him to depart Catalonia a year before his deal is officially due to expireXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 26.05.2016 06:33 339

Benitez to stay at relegated Newcastle

Soi Kèo - The former Real Madrid coach could not save the Magpies from relegation to the Championship but has agreed a new three-year contract to try to bring them back upXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 26.05.2016 06:30 369

McNair out to impress 'world-class' Mourinho

Soi Kèo - With the Special One in line to take over at Old Trafford after Louis van Gaal's exit, one of his potential new charges is eager to get to work under the possible new bossXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 25.05.2016 05:34 492

The story behind the infamous Mourinho-Guardiola relationship

Soi Kèo - The two men were once close when they worked together at Barcelona, but they later fell out in spectacular style during the Portuguese's time as coach of Real Madrid in 2011Xem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 25.05.2016 05:30 456

'Only Neymar can match Rashford's skills' - Nevin

Soi Kèo - The ex-Scotland international has hailed the intelligence of the teenage forward and does not think he will remain a central striker as his career continues to developXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 24.05.2016 06:49 632

OFFICIAL: Manchester United confirm Van Gaal sacking

Soi Kèo - The Dutchman has been removed from his position at the head of the Old Trafford club after failing to deliver Champions League football for the 2015/16 campaignXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 24.05.2016 06:40 619

Messi's magic double: Leo's brilliance pulls Barca through on tough night

Soi Kèo - Luis Enrique's side struggled for much of the match against a spirited Sevilla, especially after Javier Mascherano's red card, but the Argentina attacker proved the hero once moreXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 23.05.2016 06:36 825

Man City & Dortmund agree €26m Gundogan deal

Soi Kèo - The Germany international is set to become the first signing of the Pep Guardiola era after the Blues made a breakthrough during talks with the Bundesliga clubXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 23.05.2016 06:30 916

Suarez taken off in Copa del Rey final with possible hamstring injury

Soi Kèo - The Uruguay international could be a doubt for the Copa America after going down and being replaced by Rafinha as Barcelona battled for the double against SevillaXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 23.05.2016 06:26 792

Rashford limps off for Man Utd in FA Cup final

Soi Kèo - The attacker, who is in Roy Hodgson's provisional Euro 2016 squad, clashed with Yohan Cabaye during Saturday's FA Cup final against Crystal Palace and was replaced by Ashley YoungXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 22.05.2016 05:40 887

Guardiola's double-trouble... he's about to cross paths with Jose again

Soi Kèo - Louis van Gaal and Pep Guardiola both won domestic cups on Saturday night but both will have the Special One on their minds as their seasons close with silverwareXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 22.05.2016 05:37 903

Van Gaal refuses to address Mourinho to Man Utd reports

Soi Kèo - The Dutchman was asked what his future holds but would not be drawn on whether he expects to be replaced by the Portuguese in the next few days, as reports suggestXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 22.05.2016 05:33 3315

No room for Tevez or Dybala in Argentina Copa America squad

Soi Kèo - The Juve star is likely to feature at the Olympics after being left out for the US tournament, while an improvement in form from his predecessor was not enough for a placeXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 21.05.2016 06:13 874

Memphis reacts furiously as Van Gaal drops winger from FA Cup final squad

Soi Kèo - The Netherlands winger's disappointing debut season in English football has come to a premature end after he was informed that he will not be involved at Wembley on SaturdayXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 21.05.2016 06:07 6

'I'm waiting for Van Gaal to keep his word' – Pereira frustrated by lack of game time at Man Utd

Soi Kèo - The 20-year-old wanted to leave Old Trafford during the January window but was talked into staying with the promise of first-team football - an opportunity he has barely hadXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 20.05.2016 05:43 975

Revealed: The decision-maker behind Zlatan's next move

Soi Kèo - The Sweden international's wife is set to have a vital say in where the 34-year-old striker ends up next season - and the likelihood is that it will not be Old TraffordXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 20.05.2016 05:41 829

Xhaka 'flying to London' for Arsenal talks, says friend

Soi Kèo - The 23-year-old Switzerland international is high on Arsene Wenger's wish-list ahead of the upcoming transfer window and is seemingly on the verge of completing a moveXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 20.05.2016 05:38 756

Manchester United limp to Premier League finishing line with another disjointed Van Gaal display

Soi Kèo - Louis van Gaal's men improved after their uninspiring first half, but a lack of attacking verve will once again be a worry ahead of Saturday's FA Cup finalXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 18.05.2016 05:43 852

'Everton want £65m for Lukaku and he will be sold before Euro 2016'

Soi Kèo - The Belgium international's father has revealed that a transfer is close but insists the striker will not be heading to Serie AXem tiếp...
Soi Kèo 18.05.2016 05:36 899

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